hundun: ink-stained fingers (hundun) wrote in van_rhino,
hundun: ink-stained fingers

Policy: A Simplified Downtown Traffic Grid

    How many times have you tried to give directions to downtown? Which way does Pender run? How many blocks is it from Georgia? If you go down Davie, when will you cross Broadway? Or Clark?

    Enough of this madness! The street grid applies to everyone. We in the Rhino Party propose a few minor alterations to the Central Business District's street plan to aid in navigation. In phase one, we will re-align the streets so that they run in a North/South and East/West. Phase two will connect downtown with the rest of the city grid.

    How will you get to Stanley Park? Just go North on Granville. Want to go to English bay? Get to Hastings and go West.

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