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I want to do some cool shit.

People ask me "why Rhino" and I have to answer that I don't really know the answer m'self, but Im interested. My primary interest is in the provincial election - those are the most Gong Show of the three scales. But I can see federal and municipal potential.

Federally, we need to get the party recognized, so I'm signing people up. I still have forms.

Municipally, I have a uh... 'vision.' It involves Sam "Runs over the poor in his wheelchair" Sullivan's suspiciously more generous (and totaly unregulated) donors in a lake of alligators, with the people who played power games with Vision and COPE serving as chum to arouse the reptiles' interest.

I mean something serious by this: I can't stand the NPA and I really like COPE... at least siginificantly more than I've ever liked any other non-fringe political party, but, even after the Wal-Mart, the end of housing for the non-rich, the broken transit promises, and even during considering scrapping the ethical purchasing policy,  people just don't seem interested in municpal politics, let alone serious municipal alternatives. It feels almost as if Rhino is the only way of getting some bloody participation on the local scale. So be it.

Given that participation is somewhere around 25%, that leaves a goodly number of potential converts.

Here's my idea: Vancouver has the Work Less Party, The Naked Garden Party, the Sex Party and so on. Why don't we see if we can get everyone together and form a whole slate of nuts? Not just for the election, but for any municpal meeting?

If you know anyone in these parties, send them my way.

Also: Capri Hall, October 14th. Work Less party Masquerade. $10 to get in; $5 with costume.
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