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Gay Pride

Gay Pride is coming up again. I suggest a Rhino presence in the parade.

    The Rhinoceros party is the only party that not only supports gay rights, but backs this "Homosexual Agenda" that the relicons are harping on about. That's right, we want more queer people, and we'll convert your children to do it. We'll do anything it takes, we'll even introduce them American football and Xena.
    It's a matter of statistics and probability. Think about it.
    If you're gay, you'd like there to be more gays right? That way you'd have more options and might not have wound up with that bloody head case from Moncton who had not so much issues as the complete series backdated to June of 1953... but I digress. If you're a lesbian, you'd like there to be more lesbians, ne? That way, the line outside The Mix would have more people with whom you could hook up, and less "Area Couple Looking for Hot Woman Willing to Experiment." If you're bi, you'd like there to be more bisexuals or homosexuals of your own sex, and you'd like the bicurious people to be a little less curious and a little more bi. (These statements are uncontestable fact. If you disagree, you are wrong.)
    Transsexuals gunning for The Swap, wouldn't you rather live in a society that encouraged you to sort out that you'd like to be the other sex while you were younger and the new hormones would do more and the old ones less?
    What if you're heterosexual? Wouldn't you rather that questioning people got their orientation sorted out sooner rather than later? I mean, do you want to be in a relationship that ends with "I love you honey, but you're the wrong sex for me?" No. (Again, your opinion on this topic must agree with me or you're wrong, wrong, wrong - see above for proof).
    Besides, there tend to be more gays than lesbians, so if there's more of this 'queerness' floating around, the ratio of women who are interested in men to men who are intereted in women will tend towards more of the former and less of the latter. That's right guys: less competition; more single chicks. "Okay Graham," you say, "that's good for straight and bi men, but, isn't that a minus for heterosexual women?" I'm glad you asked that question, allow me to illuminate.

So comment if you're interested!
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