hundun: ink-stained fingers (hundun) wrote in van_rhino,
hundun: ink-stained fingers

Bowing out

The Vancouver Rhino Party, in its commitment to farcical transparancy (and lazyness) sees that its efforts will be unnecessary in the 2005 Vancouver municipal election.

What is "farcical transparancy" you may ask? A signficant portion of politics is ridiculous sillyness but this is often overlooked or actively buried in most elections. The Rhino Party belives not only in the flying spaghetti monster but also in the principle of exposing the latent sillyness in all electoral goings-on. Fortunately, the various civic parties have this covered. Be it Sam Sullivan's innovative "money for drugs" program or (yet another set of) allegations of infidelity as revealed through the wonder of blogs, these elections are lampooning themselves.

Plus I want to got things ready for the federal elections. More on this to come.
Tags: drugs, farcical trasnparancy, running and hiding
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