hundun: ink-stained fingers (hundun) wrote in van_rhino,
hundun: ink-stained fingers

Policy: Open Votes

A representative democracy such as this one1 hinges on each citizen being able to rely on his or her city councilor. The councilor in turn can hold not only to the interests of its constituents but its conscience as well. Thus, open voting, unconstrained by political allegiance, is necessary for democracy to flourish.

We intend to do away with this ridiculous ‘democracy’ nonsense.

Rhino Party councilors who fail to vote according to party lines will be fed to well-trained carnivorous monkeys. The largest, strongest and most obedient among the monkeys will then replace the councilor in question.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind any monkeys with their eyes on a position in council that the other monkeys will eat them if properly prepared.

1albeit in some alternate universe where Tang tastes like orange juice

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